10 Tips On How To Cut Your Travel Costs

You’ve decided that for your summer break, you’re going to another country, in another continent, thousands of miles away from home. It’s your first time to travel so far from home and you’re both excited and nervous about it. Luckily, summer is still several months away and what this means is that you have plenty of time to plan for your holiday.

Holidays are best ways of relaxing yourself, which can effectively lessen your stress of work load at office. However, holidays are worth, if you plan a tour to various attractive destinations on this earth.

This awesome world has many in this world to enjoy cheap vacations, and touring these places will not be heavy on your pocket. Before choosing any cheap destinations, you should make sure that you will get cheap flights and accommodation to go there.

Travel Cost

If you are out of those bargain hunters who prefer to kill their time the entire year in front of the television until the best travelling prices drop in, then there is good news for you. Now, you can travel any time you wish at the budget of your choice.

Journey through flight saves time, so people book the flights prior to their journey. Before booking the tickets, you need to compare flights cost of different airways. If you compare the cost of flights, it will help you to choose the low cost flights for your tour.

Accommodation is another very important aspect of every vacation. Wrong selection of accommodation may be heavy on your pocket and it may reduce your enthusiasm of visiting the place. In order to search for the cheap hotels at the selected destination, you need to carry out in-depth research on various hotels.

With the advent of online marketing, travelling too has become cheaper. Yes, the internet is indeed a repository of a number of websites that provide its users with several flash sales which further grant around twenty to sixty percent off on the different hotel packages to the travelers. There offers are available on merely an invitation basis.

The length of these packages might vary from one night to one week or even longer. Since sales on travel tickets and stay packages usually depend on luck, therefore you must set on your sale search at least three to four months before the desired time of travel.

Simply follow these 10 tricks for cutting travelling costs:

Track Down Coupon Codes

Almost every other travel site offers promotional discount code coupons. These are available in all kinds of hotel, airline or car rental deals and provide good discounts. Creating accounts on the travel websites and subscribing to promotional emails might just land you a great promotional offer or discount coupon code. Make sure your email account doesn’t mark these mails as ‘spam’ or you may miss out on a perfectly nice deal.

Change your Payment Card

Many international banks charge the foreign transaction fees during the currency conversion process. This fee can starts from at least three percent and can even be higher if your debit or credit card is issued outside of the country you are travelling to. Under such a scenario, you must try to change your credit or debit card for the time you travel. Many international banks offer special schemes for people who are travelling outside the country. Contact your bank and inquire if they currently have any such offers.

Tuesday is the shopping day

Once an airline has checked the route that demands sales in order to fill the seats, it is next time to start the sale. Most of the airlines begin this on a Monday evening. As a result, other airlines with lower fares on the similar route show up by the next day. Henceforth, the experts recommend buying the sale tickets for travel and stay on Tuesday sas you are most likely to encounter the best available prices at that time. Even though this little tip has considerable promise, it would be prudent to keep an eye out for good deals on other days as well.

Save on the Parking Costs

One of the most annoying yet considerable expense is the cost of parking. Though most people do not take these seemingly small costs into account while making their budget, they really dig into your pocket, especially if you are travelling to a country with a higher currency exchange rate. The good news is that it is possible to save on the charges for parking your car, whether it is a rental or your own. There are certain websites online that help you in tracking the cheapest parking lots in the airport vicinity or the major tourist places of the city. The prices at the website are updated on a frequent basis.

Keep an eye on the Refund

Sometimes, the price of the ticket may drop after you have bought it. Therefore, you must always track the ticket and claim for the credit from the airline in case there is any visible change in the price. This can easily be done through the website of the airline or your travel planner.

Bargaining is good

Just because airline tickets cost a hundred times more than groceries, doesn’t mean you can’t bargain. In fact, you should make it a point to negotiate with the airline representative or vendor. Moreover, there is certainly no harm in indulging into some debate for lower hotel rates as well. While this may not be feasible over the internet or phone reservations, you can easily check the local rates and prices once you have arrived at the place.

Steer clear of roaming charges

Roaming charges on the international calls can really add to your travel costs. However, by switching to Wi-Fi based applications like True phone or Skype, you can easily save on the international calls. All these free apps allow you to purchase a cheap monthly plan or pay as you go feature thereby demanding certain pennies for a minute. Nowadays all airports and restaurants offer free WIFI to customers. This becomes ever easier if you are travelling to a developed country which has WIFI in almost every public location including malls and even bus-stops.

Do not rush

Good things come to those who wait. Patience can actually help you in cutting on the travelling costs. If you are travelling on a budget, make sure you do not plan the trip during the major holidays as all the prices will be at its peak during this time. Simply waiting for a week after a big holiday can actually aid you in saving a lot on your trip. When purchasing airline tickets, try to plan the trip as early as possible. Booking a ticket a few months in advance can save you a major portion of the price.

Steer Clear of the luggage check Charges

Certain airlines charge a good amount for the checking of the bags. However, you can easily save this unnecessary expenditure by getting travel reward cards which allow free luggage check.

Use the Student Travel Agencies

Many student travel agencies have today started to extend their lower and discounted packages to older travelers and non-students as well. However, the deepest or the typical discounts are provided only to the students recent graduates. By travelling like as student, you can save as well as twenty percent at least.

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