Bizarre Asian Hotels: Relaxing and Interesting to Stay In

Are you an intriguing traveler who loves to explore some really weird but interesting things on the planet? Well, to cater to your interest, do make a plan to visit Asia where you can take up a tour to explore some of the weirdest hotels to stay in! Asia is one of the innovative continents, which keeps on offering new and bizarre things to its tourists coming from different parts of the world. Visit any country in Asia and you are sure to find the diverse hidden gems in different forms. One of these diverse gems that are least known to the tourists is the collection of some bizarre hotels.images (2)

Although Asia is known for its cozy hotels, you will now admire it for strange accommodations that are interestingly comfortable. No, neither these accommodations are like historic reminiscent nor they are the contemporary pieces wrapped in some royal furnishings. In fact, they are the epitomes of what latest technology can do to your accommodation designs. These designs look very unusual from its external appearance, but their interiors are very relaxing and refreshing. So, here are some of the really strange Asian hotels for you to cherish and savor!

Three Camel Lodge – Mongolia

If you wish to live a modern nomadic life, you just cannot miss exploring this lodge in the Mongolian Gobi desert. The accommodations may seem like civil war tents but they are not! They are simple nomadic tents! The estate is actually a hotel that is draped in a traditional design to serve as an ideal eco-friendly accommodation in the sandy region. This is because most of the work here is carried out by harnessing solar and wind power. Apart from 30 tents that are built using wood, you will come across several pieces of Mongolian Buddhist structural designs. The construction of tents is admirable, as they are not bound by any nail. There is no doubt that this lodge is a perfect place amidst desert! However, the only drawback is that staying can be a bit expensive in this green desert zone.

Imperial Boat House – Thailand

Living in a boat house is always fun and exciting, and this one just makes you experience that! Nestled on the charming Cheong Mon Beach, this sumptuous beachfront accommodation is composed of more than 30 genuine teakwood rice barges that cover over 90 sq.m. of space. You will surely admire the swimming pool that is shaped live a ship, splendid sundeck, sky lit bathrooms, detached living rooms, and the fascinating elephant rides on the beach. The hotel is an eco-friendly accommodation, as the barges used for construction are the recycled. Overall, it is really very relaxing and calming to stay here.

Safariland Tree House Resort – Ooty (India)

Just like a boat house, a tree house is also as fascinating and exciting to stay in. If you wish to live in a tree house, you can try out the Safariland resort nestled in the middle of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary near Ooty hill station in India. The location of the hotel is such that you get to relish some of the lovely vistas of the forest. The hotel is composed of four tree houses standing at a good height of 15 feet. Each house is made up of natural materials such as local bamboos. Greenery and mountains below the house offer fantastic views. Apart from that, this wildlife region facilitates several exciting activities such as hiking, trekking, and bonfire camps.

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