10 Best Cities I Dream Visiting Before I Die

Are you a travel bug just like me? Do you also love exploring different places and different people all across the world? Or do you love the idea of shopping around the world? If the answers to all these questions are “Yes”, you are probably just like me.

Although I travel much and spend great vacations each year with my family, I have never got an opportunity to travel abroad. I have traveled across and visited places only in India (my mother land). However I dream about visiting places around the world which are just superb, high tech, beautiful, fantastic, etc…….

Here in this hub I am writing about the top 10 best cities which I would love to visit and see before I die. I guarantee that after reading about these cities below you will also feel the same.

Each of these cities has different unique and something special about it which makes these cities simply best in my list.

So why not pack up your backpack bags, shoes, maps, and all the cool travel accessories to join me in this trip! Just have a look to these top best cities in the world. You will simply love them.


1- Tokyo: Different Things To Do Here

Tokyo is known worldwide as a centre for business and finance, home of the Japanese Imperial Family and is the largest metropolitan area in the world. But this sprawling city offers so much more. Culture, entertainment, the latest technologies and shopping are high on the list for visitors to Tokyo.

But there are also many green spaces when you want to escape from the seemingly frenetic pace of life in Japan’s capital. Tokyo is a unique and impressive city, combining tradition with new age vitality like no other place on the earth.

Flying from Hong Kong to Tokyo takes approximately 4 hours and 25 minutes and once there you’ll find an extensive transport system. Take your time and marvel in all of the sights and sounds that this magnificent city has to offer. There are many choices of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes, from luxury, up market hotels to youth hostels and flats available by the day or week. Flight Centre can help with your travel requirements and find you the best price.

Tokyo has a huge variety of things to see. Museums are plenty and they are dotted around the city, every possible interest is catered for from modern art to antique clocks. If you want a great view of the city try riding the Sky Bus Tokyo, an open topped double decker that runs every hour between 10:00 and 18:00. The 45 minute bus trip shows many of the city’s sights and does have a free multi-language voice guide system.

The Tsukiji Fish Market is open to visitors from 9am and is the largest seafood market in the world. Stalls selling seaweed, dried mushrooms and other wares plus many sushi shops selling the freshest seafood are just imaginable. Sumo is on many people’s list of things to see in Tokyo and there are 3 grand tournaments held each year at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall.

If you are looking for something bit quieter and spacious then head to one of the many parks in and around Tokyo. Yoyogi Park is free to enter and has peaceful areas, although it’s not all quiet.  You will find some people use the park for play rehearsals, club meetings, and even hip-hop dancing. There is also a cycling centre where you can rent bikes and take off for a ride around the paths.

A visit to Sake Plaza will teach you all about Japanese alcohol, how it’s made and how to drink it. Sake has been part of Japanese culture for around 2000 years and there are many types available. Leaflets are available in English explaining the sake making process and how to tell the difference between types of Sake.


2- Hong-Kong: Worth Planning a Family Vacation

Hong-Kong is a great place and is one of the best destinations for tourists. If you are planning a vacation with your family or friends and are confused where to go then Hong-Kong is one of the best options for you. Just search for the places out there in Hong-Kong on internet and you will find how good it is.

Hong-Kong will definitely make your family vacation a pleasurable and a memorable one. This is city is well known for its warm welcome and excellent services. Every tourist coming here returns back happily thinking of coming back again and again. You will find no other place in Asia as fascinating as Hong-Kong. You cannot name a single city in this world with such a unique fusion of East and West.

Why to think of some other place when you get everything here, whether you are looking for excitement, entertainment, fun or comfort. Celebrations out here are good to see and festivals cannot be ignored.

Hong-Kong is flooded with rich tradition of art and culture. If you are planning to shop, you have variety in everything that to at affordable price. Whether you are looking for branded items or local ones you will get what you want in Hong-Kong. City is full of great landmarks and exciting places which will make you crazy and will not allow you to leave the place so easily. You have much to do in Hong-Kong.

If you love beaches then too Hong-Kong is a best place for your vacation. It has many beaches that can make your vacation really a great one. If you really want to spend more and more time on beaches of Hong-Kong then it is suggested to book your hotel near beach. This will definitely save your time and travelling expenses. Try to book your accommodation in Hong-Kong in advance so as not to face accommodation problem reaching there.

Hong-Kong is a name that surely comes in every mind while planning a holiday. This city is full of glamour, glitz and endless fun. Nightlife is superb out here and shopping out here will just make you crazy. Statue Square, Western market, Victoria Peak, Happy Valley Races, Star Ferry, Mid- Levels Escalator, Times Square, Wrong Tai Sin Temple and Hong-Kong Museum are some of the great places in Hong-Kong that cannot be missed and if you do so you will miss something really exciting.

Statue Square attract the visitors with its modern architecture and superb designing. Western Market serves as a shopping centre in Hong-Kong where you will find everything what you want and what you can demand. Happy valley Races is a great place for all race lovers. Here you will find electrifying horse races on Wednesday nights.

It is really amazing and entertaining to watch the horses racing making fortunes of some people. There are many more places in Hong-Kong that can make your family vacation a great holiday which you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Hong-Kong now.


3- Barcelona: Top Three Attractions You Will Not Love To Miss Out

Whether you’re on a long vacation, a short trip or even just a brief stop-over, Barcelona has plenty of attractions awaiting your discovery. Here are the Top Three attractions which are popular with tourists and which you could go to before you set off from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar.

The Gothic Quarter: Also known as Barri Gotic, this particular part of the city has a unique olde worlde charm of its own altogether. The dramatic name is not an exaggeration by any means, because medieval architecture predominate the area ready for you to seek, explore and retain. Key examples include churches, the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and the Basilica of La Merce.

Sagrada Familia: Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sagrada Familia is an architectural feat that started way back in 1882 – and is still work in progress, for another 15 years at least! This is because the person behind this, Antoni Gaudi, who is much famous and revered for this work, passed away, leaving a puzzling challenge to be finished. So, before you jump on to your transfer from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar, you would be strongly advised to visit this site, otherwise your trip will be considered to be incomplete.

Park Guell: Yet another magical creation by Antoni Gaudi, this park has a number of buildings and sites that are associated with Gaudi.

Look out for the sight of a bridge that is shaped like a salamander and goes by the name, El Drac. It is very popular with locals in surrounding area. The artwork vibrates with colour and also comprises of intricate mosaics. You will find it on one of the staircases that the park has.

Not bad for a brief stop-over…so put these three things down on your must-see list while you are transferring from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar.


4- Beijing Tour: Offering Most Memorable Journey

Beijing, the capital of China, which was once a walled city with its inhabitants sometimes dwelling in an old alleyway named Hutong, has now turned to a dazzling metropolis that offers you skyscrapers that would leave you to wonder. It also has a vibrant night life to offer you. Beijing has now been a hotspot for tourism as well. Beijing tours have been conducted all year round with various themes for the enthusiastic tourists to choose from.

Some of the tours that are available are great wall tour, golf tour, museum tour etc. Beijing tour package will also include something as simple as half day tour or daily tour. Beijing Tours may be offered in two ways. They are the common tour bus excursions and private tours. One of the mostly frequented sites is that of the tour buses which will also offer its tourists an all-inclusive package.

Although private tours are considered expensive, for travel fanatics who wish to see all that the ancient city has to offer, this package would be the best tour plan. Private tours last for up to 7 days and have host of sightseeing options to choose from. One of the main features of private tours is a private owned vehicle and an English speaking tour guide. Checking with two or three companies offering this will give you the added advantage of comparing the packages they have to offer side by side.

Beijing Tours mostly includes cultural and historical monuments which also includes the must see 2000 years old Great Wall of China. Short Tours include the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Silk Factory, Tiananmen Square and several others as well.

Again, food lovers must leave Beijing without trying out their local Chinese cuisine particularly the Peking duck which dates back to many centuries and is one of the dishes insanely famous during the imperial days. The other dishes to be tried are the Lamb Hot Pot, Sichuan Smoked Duck etc.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

5- Las Vegas: One of The Best Tourist Destination

Las Vegas is one of the best travel destinations for your vacations. A desert has turned out to a beautiful city here. The city well known for the gambling and other cheats is only a part of it. In the flip side of the coin the city is so beautiful to be relished by the people. There are some wonderful aspects that should not be missed here.

One of them is the spa treatments given here. The hot sauna, massages and many other treatments take you to the world of relaxation and peace. The spa retreats here give a wonderful option for couples to bring out their romance. Generally the males and females are given separate sessions but when coming to couple, both are placed side by side and treatments are given to them. This would a wonderful experience for the couples.

The city is also well known for it being an entertainment spot. Casinos are developed to a much larger extent here that 80 percent of the tourist are being attracted there. Grand Canyon one of the best known place for natural attraction should be visited by the entire tourist when they are out for a trip to Las Vegas. This place has served as a wedding place for most of the lovers in the country. This is such a beautiful place filled with wonderful sceneries.

Food is the only thing which satisfies the people completely throughout the world. So when you get proper food at a place then it serves to be a heaven out there. In Las Vegas you can get a variety of different cuisine food. One should visit most of the places in Las Vegas to not leave the fun behind. Even the night games should be enjoyed (but of course within limit) as it can blow up your mind completely.


6- Milan: An Ideal Destination for Fashion Freaks

If you have a sense of fashion and ability to admire famous paintings, then there is so much still to discover in this world. The technological advance has undoubtedly made it possible to reach far flung destinations with an ease. Milan is such a beautiful place in Italy situated in the Po valley. The city is in proximity to a river and ensures a pleasurable stay. There are many Flights to Milan that are now available that can take you to this wonderful destination in a small time span.

Milan is termed as the business capital of Italy and is also famous for its vibrant fashion. The city is mostly skipped by first time visitors to Italy due to its status as a business hub. However, there is one thing in Milan that attracts every person who loves to dress well and follow all the latest trends in fashion. Milan fashion week is a popular event that draws the attention of fashion freaks. It also grabs media glare at its best. In fact, it is considered as one of the four fashion capitals of the world.

Here, the fashion week is held with absolute pomp semi-annually. Many prominent fashion designers and top models came down to Milan due to the easy availability of Flights to Milan. The flights are exceedingly comfortable and are always taking off on the scheduled time. Any type of delay is an unheard subject when it comes to the world of Flights to Milan. The airport of Milan is called Malpensa and is also unusually good with lovely interiors.

There are many things that you can do in this vibrant place apart from dining out at expensive restaurants. Milan boasts of some expensive hotels that offer world class facilities. There are cathedrals, museums and art galleries. The one thing that has made this place so memorable for art lovers is the existence of the famous painting of Last Supper by Da Vinci. Advance bookings are done months before to take a glance of this unique painting. Art lovers across the world visit this destination by flights to Milan and enjoy a lifetime experience.


7- Sedona: Vacation will Simply Rock Here

Sedona, which is often known as the ‘Red Rock Country’ is located in the Arizona high deserts under the rim of the vast Colorado Plateau. It is a please that amply satisfy anyone and everyone. Because it is place that offer you space for meditation, outdoor sports, shopping and arts and culture. Here are a few things that must be inevitably done to enjoy the Red Rocks most. You can jot down the following:

Sedona Trolley: There are two fully narrated tours for very low cost and it had been highly recommended by visitors previously that taking two is a good choice. The first one is the Sedona Highlight Tour that covers the south side of Sedona. The other stops of this tour are the mesmerizingly beautiful ‘Chapel of the Holy Cross’, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts village and Gallery District. The second is known as the ‘Seven Canyons Scenic Tour’ that covers breathtaking vistas of the West Sedona area like Boynton and Long Canyon. The tours help you decide how to spend your vacation in Sedona, what places to visit and what activities to get involved in.

Hike Bell Rock Pathway: This hike is not as treacherous as it may sound. With some stunning panorama to feast your eyes at every turn of the pathway, you will only want to climb further up. It provides you with wonderful sights of Red Rocks.

Airport Mesa (235 Air Terminal Drive): This is one place that must be visited in order that you enjoy the sunset to the hilt. The harmony that the colors and light weaves around the mountains is magic to your eyes.

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park: This beautiful locale is located at 2650 Pueblo Drive in West Sedona. It is one of the most serene places you can ever get for prayer and meditation because of the pin-drop silence that dominates the place. It actually charges you with energy. The Amitabha Stupa is open from dawn to dusk and the visit is free of charge.


8- Houston: What To Do When Here?

Houston is the beautiful and largest city of Texas. It is one of the cities which have various areas for sightseeing and attractions. It is the cocktail of many things. Say whether it is culture, sports, tourist spots, etc are much popular and good in Houston. Many people get into Houston to find their lives and settle over there.

If you like visiting places of scientific interest then you can surely visit the Johnson space centre. There is a theatre in the centre in which the visitors can experience a wonderful virtual launch of the rockets. The visitors also experience a zero gravity pressure in the interior area which is awesome and simulating.

If you are interested in visiting historical places, here is a museum of natural sciences which has a minimal entry fee. The specialty in this museum is that they conduct parties here with a great Mayan themed film, salsa dances, Mayan dancers and a drink.

Shopping malls are another hot spot of the Houston which is always filled with hundreds of people, ice skating, dances, dining, shopping and just for seeing. It is a good treat for the eyes when a person is here just for sightseeing.

Blues from Houston is the attraction which has attracted many people around the world. The songs of Houston are so special because of its mind blowing music and rhythm.

Cruises are another thing is the Houston which is so special. Here there is an option of first come first serve which is almost not available in any of the high class cruises. A perfect 30 minute holiday excursion which gives a feel of enjoying the same occasion again and again is just perfect.

To say there are a lot more things to do in Houston. But these are the things which cannot be easily found in other cities.


9- Tibet: Be Prepared to Touch the Mystery

The Far East has always retained a place of awe in the mind of a large number of people all around the world. Tibet is a mysterious place for loads of people. The names like Forbidden City and many more legends have fueled the various stories about the place.

So, the place can be equated with Manchu-Picchu and other mysterious places which are scattered all around the world. Visiting Tibet is like a dream for someone and for some people Tibet tour is nothing less of an archeological venture. In short, whatever group you belong to Tibet travel remains all the more exciting even today.

Whenever people go for Tibet tours they get their chance to touch the history themselves and that is why this place has been capable of sustaining this air of mystery about itself despite the 21st century getting internet and other advanced technologies that has taken away most of the mysteries from loads of things around the world. Apart from the mystery there are loads of other things that you can enjoy and one of them indeed is a visit to the Mt. Everest base camp.

Though you cannot climb the peak you can as well go the base camp and have the share of the excitement that has been the part of numerous climbing expeditions over the years. So, you are gaining some practical experience from Tibet travel. You can touch the mystery and live to tell the tale.

When you are going to such a place, it does not matter whether it is far away or not so far, you are getting your part of excitement and that is Tibet tour is something so fascinating. There was a time when Tibet was actually a forbidden place to the outsiders but it is not anymore. You can go there and enjoy the beauty and delicacies of the place, but beware of the fake agencies which are ready to get you into trouble.


10- Tampa: Best Things To Do Here

Tampa is a city of US state of Florida. The city is named so because of the lightning strikes in the summer. It gets the meaning “sticks of fire”. The entire area is filled with beautiful sceneries that no one can miss viewing when he visits the place. There are many tourist spots when one gets here. There are many things to do in Tampa.

The aquatic view here relishes the eyes beautifully. Shimmering water waves pull away the visitor’s attraction there. The dolphins, manatees and many other aquatic features are awesome for eyes.  The architecture of the city is no where less than any other tourist spots. The culture is retained in the city even with many developments. There are many things to do in Tampa once you get there.

As like any other tourist spot Tampa also has got wonderful theme parks, golf grounds, electrified night scenes, top country beaches, wonderful swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. You can also cherish the arts and culture of the city by the dramatic features around there. The food over the Tampa is so appetizing for sea food lovers. They have a variety of sea food dishes which can never be missed. The chefs like magicians pull your hearts by their tasty foods.

Night clubs are another entertainment for the party lovers. You have mingles, boozing and dancing throughout the night here. In the wonderful cruise in the Tampa, one can also plan for sightseeing for the places around the Tampa. There are zoos and wild life sanctuaries which has a reserve of the world’s dangerous and the beautiful creatures in it. The sunshine sky way bridge gives you a spectacular view of the Tampa bay. An evening walk along the Bay Shore is much relaxing and calming to the mind.

Ultimately this is one of the world’s best tourist spot which is very perfect for the weekend.