10 Best Places In UK To Travel with Kids

Many people have a desire to travel and take their kids alongside with them, but the challenge is when one does not find a good place to take the kids to. Some destinations are good but they are not as good for a whole family. There are many places especially in the UK that one might opt to go to with kids.images (1)

Amongst the top ten destinations in the UK are

1- Alnwick Castle

This place is a great destination for one to go to with the kids, there are a variety of things for the kid to find at this great destination. First there is the Knights quest, this is where kids dress up and give a try on the sword fighting and also some great things like jousting. The other things great for the kids is the ghost liar. There is also something amazing about the place and this is the prices. The prices are just fair enough for a family.

2- Oldtraford

This is just the best place for football loving kids. The kids will find it actually exiting going through the changing rooms, training rooms the conference rooms and even the football peach itself. There is something even great for kids to feel like VanParsie by going through the tunnel and emerging from the other end while being cheered by the crowd. It is actually amazing to be at this beach.

3- Jorvick Viking Centre

This a good site to find some memory refreshment and rebuilt one history. The site is basically 100 years old and was built on the basis of Viking because it has a Viking skeleton. The other experience that a lie can get at this place is riding at the time capsule. Their other unbelievable feature like the old speaking Viking Norse. There is so much to get here and it just necessary that one takes the kids to this great place.

4- Reptile house London Zoo

A place to find reptiles like snakes, lizard for your kid then this is the place to be. The place has great snakes and other reptiles. infact this is a place where Harry Potter discovered a gift to of talking to snakes. There are so many reptiles to see at this place and kids will find it great.

5- Durham Cathedral

The setting of this building is just amazing, it has been voted as the world heritage centre, the site is also a good historical centre with a variety of activities which include pack riding. A visit at the place will prove it as a great place to experience great things

6- Legoland Winser

This is an incredibly good place for the young stars. There are a lot of activities for them, this includes the roller coaster, mini diggers, logs flames and not to mention and fire engines. The activities here are for different age groups and as well one can make an early booking. There is plenty to do at this place, and kids will find it absolutely amazing to be here.

7- Watergate Bay

This is a great place for surfing activities. The place has a group of activities running throughout the summer. There are also lessons on surfing for kids who are the age of 8 and above. This site is located on a beach and offers a great beach and feeling as well as great beach events. There also great restaurants and thus kids have great to place to enjoy and as well get food at hand.

8- National Space Center

This is a place to get great science experience. There is a lot of scientific exploration which ranges from trying the air chair. This chair brings the feeling of being in a real spacecraft and also being in the space. There is also where kids can try to make aircrafts and a lot more. There is just a lot of exploration for the kids here and it is great for kids.

9- King Arthur Labyrinth

This place is great for both young and older kids, it offers a chance for both exploration and excitement. There is the chance to experience the ancient stories of the dragons the underground cavern, and a variety of experience to choose from. There is as much as enough for the kids here.

10- Belfast Zoological Center

This is a place to experience rare species of wild animals like giraffes the Samaritan tigers and not forgetting the Malayan sun bears. It is true that kids love so much to see wild animals, and thus this is a great place because it has the best wild animals, and is large. Also, it has great slopes making it even more amazing. There is even more that I cannot mention all.

In a nutshell, there is more than enough for kids to experience in the UK. The few I have mentioned just gives an overview, plus the fact that there are so many activities to do. So if you are looking for a place to take your kids look no further London is the destination.