15 Most Popular Cities in Canada to Visit

It is often seen that most of the people are interested in going on a family vacation but cannot plan one because of their busy schedule or tight budget.

Some run short of time while few others cannot plan a holiday with their family because of budget. Today you have many options for your pleasurable vacation.

You can visit Chicago, California, New York, Africa, Mexico or even Canada. These are some places which are good to explore and have some great landmarks that are really amazing.

Canada is enormous, and occupies majority of North America, hence it has more number of adventures travelling opportunities for its travelers.

From summer activities such as rafting, hiking, biking to winter sports like skiing and dog sledding there are numerous pleasurable activities suitable for everybody.

15 Popular Cities in Canada

Here we check out the 15 most popular cities in Canada that are good to visit. Your tour to Canada is not a complete one if you miss any one of them. So check them out…

1- Victoria

Although Victoria hashed its reputation as the capital of the ‘newly-web and the nearly dead’ it still remains one of the most favorite tourist hotspots in Canada.

It is the capital city of British Columbia, located on the southernmost tip of the island of Vancouver, off the Pacific coast.

The metropolitan has a large population and a great work culture, colleges, and other places of tourist attraction. Victoria BC apartments and other heritage buildings are a part of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the oldest cities, Victoria is a living example of its British colonial past. It is also known as the city of gardens, with millions of annual tourists.

2- Lethbridge

The largest city in Alberta, Canada, Lethbridge, is an important financial, commercial and industrial center.

It also has the fourth highest population in the country. Located near the Rockies, Lethbridge enjoys mild winters and cool summers while having a windy climate throughout the year.

The city also has the Calgary River on its southeast fringes. There would be cases where you might have to shift to the city. In such scenarios, there are some tips to be followed while choosing apartments in Lethbridge or Lethbridge rentals

3- Saskatoon

The city of Saskatoon is located near the South Saskatchewan River in central Saskatchewan, Canada. A large city, Saskatoon has become the most populated city in the province. The city’s economy is booming with specialties in oil, potash, and agriculture.

Some of the biggest uranium mining companies and potash companies operate mainly out of this city. There are many reputed colleges that would successfully expose you to the global corporate sector too.

Hence, every year hundreds of students move into such colleges to pursue their global dreams. Every one of such people needs accommodation in the city.

Special events keep happening in Saskatoon and they keep life going in there. People hardly get a chance to get bored with the scenery around them.

The city of Saskatoon has so much more than that to offer. The population is also so proportionate that a cozy ambiance is always present no matter if it’s a shop in concern or just a rental house.

4- Regina

The second-largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, Regina, had its importance well secured from when it was declared the capital of that province in Canada.

Other than the socially as well as historically significant features of this city, the inclusion of big box stores and alike have turned it into the focus for residential and shopping development too.

Even international attention on this city was remarkable since the Regina cyclone destroyed much of it around 1912.

The economy is considerable and the neighborhood is influentially strong. The downtown business district, the affluent Crescents area, the low – rent zone around the north-central district makes Regina a place people would count in, in their options for rental housing.

When people lookout to rent apartments, they look out for important places, resources, and availabilities around.

5- Red Deer

Red Deer is a beautiful city in Central Alberta, Canada. Alberta is home to five National Parks, including Banff National Park, Elk Island National Park, Jasper National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, and Wood Buffalo National Park.

This is a place where you can enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery. Here is amazing wildlife where you can take part in many outdoor activities in this part of the world.

6- Calgary

Calgary is a beautiful city built among a wide range of foothills and landscape. The city’s economy is based upon the petroleum industries.

Calgary is the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics. This city is famous for winter sports and festivals. A large number of tourists visit this city to spend their vacations and do exciting winter sports.

Calgary is famous for events like the Calgary stampede, the folk music festival, the lilac festival, and the one world festival. These are some of the main reasons that attract tourists from different parts of the world.

7- Ottawa

Ottawa is a city of three beautiful rivers-the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau River. The people of Ottawa speak a lot of different languages.

Two of the frequently used languages are French and English. The city of Ottawa was found in 1855. It was declared as the capital of Canada.

Some of its uniqueness includes: In summer, the average temperature is 35 degrees, and in winters, it falls down to -10 degrees, Almost 50% of the residents hold post degrees, making Ottawa a highly educated city, The 202 km long Rideau Canal was declared as UNESCO world heritage site.

8- Canmore

To experience the best Canada adventure, travel to Canmore.

Canmore nestled between Banff National Park and Kananaskis Provincial Park – the place is a world-famous four-season destination, rather a perfect holidaying place for all kinds of age groups.

Canmore travels offer breath-taking, wilderness views which makes a perfect backdrop for any scene you put. Canmore is majorly visited for skiing purposes.

9- Vancouver

There is just too much to enjoy in Vancouver city. In fact, this city was chosen for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games because of the sporty nature of this city.

You can find sports in every single corner of Vancouver city. No matter if you talk about skiing, surfing, or pleasant strolling, this place has everything that can make your day.

Additionally, this place is filled with amazing cultural attractions and if you want to explore history and culture even more then the museums and outdoor markets will play really very assistive role in it.

There is no lack of parks, beaches, and attractive places in Vancouver city which will definitely encourage you to visit again and again.

10- Montreal

Whenever we talk about Montreal then the first thing that will come to your mind is the amazing old architecture. Montreal city is famous for amazing 17th-century architecture which is the main point of interest of this city.

If you like to see old architecture and if you like to know more about old architectural history then Montreal would be a perfect selection for you.

It will give you a lot of chances for exploration and you will experience heaven on earth here.

And, when it comes to shopping then Montreal has Boulevard Saint-Laurent world-class shopping district which is popular all around the world and it becomes party time district by nightfall.

11- Quebec City

Europe has always been one of the most eligible choices for tourists because Europe can give you an amazing and elegant touring and exploration experience.

But also, it would be really very costly for anyone to plan elegant travel to Europe.

Well, this could be quite disappointing for those who appreciated the qualities of Europe but you don’t need to miss Europe’s excitement anymore because Quebec City has everything that you might find in Europe.

Quebec City is filled with exploration chances and you will not feel any lack of excitement in this city. In fact, Quebec City is a perfect and really very under budget option for the trip.

12- Toronto

Who doesn’t want to visit Toronto at least once in his or her life? The beauty of this city is just unexplainable. It cannot be described in words.

This city has also been entitled the best Canadian city because of its amazing appearance and other wonders.

Toronto International Film Festival and the CN Tower are the most known attractions of this city. And you can also see this city as a major hub of many famous sports.

And most excitingly, it will take only two or three hours for you to travel to Niagara Falls or the U.S. border from Toronto!

13- Banff

The natural beauty is the main attraction of Banff city. Once you visit Banff city, you will never forget the enchanting and unforgettable experience and glory of this city.

Although it is just a tiny mountain town once you will see this town, you will find a glimpse of what heaven might look like.

The heavenly experience of visiting this city can be experienced in all seasons. Additionally, there is no lack of any luxury and comfort in this place.

In fact, in Banff, you can enjoy a perfectly lavishing and luxury filled time! Banff will offer you great hotels, spa therapy, hearty bison steak, amazing nightlife sceneries, and much more!

14- Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a well-known Canadian city. It is known for its amazing and astonishing architectural beauty and also, it is said to be the city of opportunities as well.

It is also a transportation and railway hub and numerous multi-cultural festivals make it an even more interesting city. This city is filled with amazing historic sites and wonderful places.

There is too much to explore in Winnipeg city. And, if you love architectural beauty then this place would be just like another heaven on earth for you.

You can see the Royal Canadian Mint, side-spar cable-stayed bridge, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, MTS Centre, Free Press building, Manitoba Legislative Building, and Winnipeg International Airport, etc. These places will make your visit Winnipeg again and again.

15- Halifax

Who does not like a big city charm but no one can deny that they miss the small town as well. But, usually, people don’t plan their vacation to the small town because they find the lack of services and convenience in a small town.

Well, this is actually very disappointing for them but not anymore because visiting Halifax will give you a feeling like you are visiting a small town but you will not miss any services or convenience at all.

This is a big city but still, it gives the experience of small-town which will be really a very amazing touring selection for small-town appreciators.

Halifax will give you a hint about the actual beauty of small-town and the Maritime region of this city is the most popular attraction for all the visitors and tourists.

So, no matter if you missed small town visits in past trips but the trip to Halifax will give you a chance to feel the glory and pleasure of being in the small town again.