A Deep Insight into Antarctica Facts

Sited in the southern part of the globe, Antarctica has the perfect blend of natural landscape and amazing wildlife. Ranging from polar bears to whales and an exciting range of birds, the wildlife of Antarctica fascinates everyone and this has created curiosity in the minds and hearts of the people regarding this place and led to the evolution of several Antarctica facts. The facts offer a quick info about the continent, its survival, its weather, flora and fauna and more.antarctica-travel-holiday-wallpapers_88

1. On an average, the ice sheet of Antarctica is about 2.5km thick which is around ten times the size of Canary Wharf towers combined on top of one another.
2. Antarctica has 0% native population. It is just the scientist, researchers and their supporting team from 28 nations who live and work in Antarctica
3. However with the passing number of years, the tourist numbers who visit Antarctica has multiplied generously and reached to 30,000
4. As per the rules and regulations of the Antarctic treaty, scientist and researchers of different nations can share their discoveries. It has produced major breakthrough in knowing Antarctica from the core.
5. Antarctica is globally the driest, coldest, highest and windiest place on the Earth
6. The speed of wind has been recorded as high as 351kmph in Antarctica
7. The hungry ferocious whales of Antarctica ram their complete body as per an iceberg to facilities easy knock down of penguin and feed on it for their lunch.
8. The Vostok research station scientists recorded the lowest weather of Antarctica on the 21st of July 1983 at -89.2 degree
9. Antarctica was the discovered in the last.
10. It is the best and most appropriate destination of the world to search for meteorites.
11. Only birds and animals adoptable to chilly weather and extensively cold climate can resist the lowest temperature of Antarctica.
12. Ancient Greek explorer were the first to discover a great land mass near the South Pole. They gave it a name of Anti- Arkitkos – which means the opposite of Arctic.
13. Runny nose is not an issue when you are in Antarctic as whatever comes out of the nose will freeze instantly and get solid and you can snap it off with your gloves in no time.
14. The Explorer from Norway. Roald Amundsen is the first to stand at the South Pole and he killed some of his dogs to feed his companions.
15. Till date no known mineral deposits have been found in Antarctica, but small traces have been discovered here by the scientists.
16. To reduce the CFC, many international efforts have been made and it has stopped from going any larger, but it will take another 50 years to repair itself.

These are the known Antarctic facts which help you to know a lot about the southern continent of the globe. There are more facts which will be revealed somewhere.