Best Top Rated Hotels at Bali

Bali is an international travel spot for many of the tourists around the world. For any tourist spot a perfect hotel will make the trip more beautiful and enjoyable.

For a beautiful spot like bali which is almost surrounded by caves, hills and beaches, there should be a perfect resort to enjoy the scenes with a nice warmness.

English: Tegalalang rice terrace Ubud Bali 201...
English: Tegalalang rice terrace Ubud Bali 2011 panorama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many breathtaking resorts in the bali place which would serve you heaven in the arms.

Some of them are discussed here:-

Komaneka at rasa yung:

This is claimed to be the most beautiful hotel in bali. The hotel is situated in ubud which is filled with extreme natural sceneries.

This is situated in the foot hills of the bali’s ush. There is an ultimate riverside view which should never be missed by anyone who is visiting the place. This hotel is rated 5 stars among most of the visitors.

There is another komaneka at tanngayuda which also has the same credits which the one at rasa yung possess.

Chedi club at Ubud:

This is another resort type which fulfills the customers with 5 star staying facilities. The hospitality of the resort extremely convinces the customers that anytime they visit the country they visit ubud and make their stay in chedi club. This is the utmost credit holded by the resort staff.

Samaya bali:

This is the famous restaurant cum stay resort in the seminyak place. Seminyak is also a beautiful place which attracts the loads of tourists to its spot every year.

This place is said to be the bali’s most stylish, trendy and fashioned place. And a beautiful resort here would cherish the tourist to a level more than the food for the eye sight.