Brady Packs Project: First Complete Backpack System for Trailer

Welcome to the adventurous world of Brady Packs company and enjoy the high spirits of journey! The creators of the project on Indiegogo have introduced best positive experience of travelling, friendship and cooperation into their creation.

Have you ever struggled with putting the backpack to the bicycle handles or taking a huge load of luggage on your back? The problem is solved now completely: choose among the variety of Brady Packs for extra comfort and extraordinary journey opportunities.


The most popular products for the potential customers are Junior Brady Pack, Lightweight Brady Pack and Full Brady Pack. The key feature about the product is that it is extremely lightweight and easy-to-carry.

The product is aimed to help people who adore movement, but experience some mobility issues and problems with their backs. Everybody has the opportunity to enjoy the experience of hunting, backpacking, fishing and travelling with Brady Pack.

There is a plethora of baggage opportunities with Brady Pack: you can put your luggage on the trailer or simply carry the backpack on your back, or take the bicycle with the trailer. This product is specifically convenient when you take the kayak to enjoy the journey along the river.

One should take into account the other essential advantage that exists with Brady Packs. This is that all of our products have been designed, built and tested. All processes in manufacturing, training, inventories and shipping have been developed with consideration. Moreover, Brady Packs is a kind of crowd funding project aimed at helping people find a certain job.

The project is currently posted on Indiegogo and will be introduced into life as soon as the donation finish. Just 10$ from you will help us to start a wonderful Brady Packs company and make your trip an unforgettable experience. This is a great project that will transform lives all over the world. Your support is highly welcome.