Brilliant Barging In The Loire

A barge holiday in France is a lovely, unwinding and tranquil holiday. The barges gently pass through the stunning vineyards, by incredible chateaus and beautiful local towns, all making the perfect backdrop for your journey.  Every barge is fully staffed by a professional and considerate team who are there to make your holiday as comfortable as they can. The barges are spacious and bright complete with all the little luxuries you would expect from any quality hotel.

LoireThe all-inclusive packages provide excellent food, complemented by some wonderful wines of the region and beyond. Evenings are usually spent relaxing on the barge, luxuriating in the barmy warm air, and enjoying a drink and some good conversation with the other passengers.

Choosing a barge holiday in France that is perfect for you can be difficult as every river is special offering its own attractions and allure. The Loire Valley is reputably one of the most beautiful and has been used for passenger and cargo travel since the Roman times. The River Cher is its main tributary and is a huge contributor to the waterway system in the Loire.

A barge holiday in France makes for an unforgettable holiday and the magical valley of the Loire is one of the most popular places to explore. The picture postcard towns, the markets and endless vineyards make up the majority of the stunning scenery on your journey and there will be plenty of opportunity to leave the barge and explore. You can discover the tiny towns at your leisure, meander through the cobbled streets, have a real French coffee in one of the cafes or indulge in a little shopping.

Many barge holiday companies offer guided tours too so you can visit the cities of the region, take an informative trip through a chateau or try out a little wine tasting with one of the producers. The most famous chateau of the region in The Chateau de Chenonceau, which attracts visitors from all over. The design of this Renaissance style structure has been unusually influenced primarily by ladies, and has thus been nicknamed ‘the ladies’ chateau’.

A barge holiday in France should most certainly include an afternoon exploring a local market. With so many tasty morsels to sample and an almost celebratory atmosphere it is easy to see why the people of the area flock to the markets, exchange news and spend time socialising as well as embarking on their daily shopping. Visit the markets of Loches, Amboise or Tours, the latter being the most well known for its beautiful flower section. Evening markets are common too and are often used as excuses to host street dances, music and other community spectacles.

The food of the region still relies very much on local producers and the idea of eating seasonally. On your visit to the Loire Valley there will be abundant opportunity to sample some of the famous goats cheese, terrines and delicious zankar fish, served with a white wine, shallot and butter sauce. Fruit and vegetables are grown all over on the rich fertile soils and are of top quality. And it is important to remember that no meal in the Loire Valley would be complete without a glass of some of the region’s most famous crisp dry wine, the Sancerre.