Canadian citizenship questions and answers

People who go for Canadian citizenship may have to face certain questions for qualifying the citizenship test.

During the citizenship examination, candidates tend to receive a set pattern of questions and answers which are required to be answered correctly in order to gain a permanent Canadian citizenship.canadian-citizenship-test

The online websites helps one to prepare for such questions within short span of time.

The online portals have full details about the question that are frequently asked from the candidates. The citizenship test is last step before gaining the Canadian citizenship ceremony.

Some of the commonly asked Canadian citizenship questions and answers are mentioned below:

Q1) When the candidate is eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship?
A1) CIC or citizenship and immigration Canada allows candidates to apply for Canadian citizenship after they have resided at Canada for at least 3 years (or 1095 days) out of 4 years. In case of exceptional circumstances a candidate may be allowed to apply for the citizenship even if he/she has not resided at Canada for 1095 days.

Q2) Does the candidate requires to apply for the Canadian citizenship soon after becoming eligible?
A2) no, the candidate can apply as per his/her convenience. There is no specific time to apply for the citizenship

Q3) What are major advantages of obtaining Canadian citizenship?
A3) unlike permanent citizens of Canada, Canadian citizens do not have to face any sort of residential obligations. A Canadian citizen shall not loose its status until and unless it is obtained through material misinterpretation. Another advantage of obtaining Canadian citizenship is that Canadian resident tends to obtain Canadian passports which entitle them to vote for federal elections

Q4)The time of the candidate spent in Canada before becoming a Permanent Resident is counted towards the Citizenship application?
A4) immigration and citizenship of Canada greatly recognizes the time spent legally in Canada before becoming a permanent citizen of the place. The number of days resided are very much included in 1095 days which are required to qualify for Canadian citizenship. Each and every day spent at Canada as an immigrant, visitor, student international or worker is counted as a half day up to one year. On the other hand each day spend at Canada as a permanent resident is counted as a one day.

Q5) How will the absent time from Canada be treated in the procedure of acquiring Canadian citizenship?
A5) unless there are unordinary circumstances time spent outside Canada will not be counted while calculating 1095 days for qualifying Canadian citizenship

Q6) Can Canadian citizen turn a candidate eligible to work in Mexico, us or Chile?
A6) under provisions of NAFTA and CCFTA, qualified Canadian citizens can take advantage from facilitated admission into Mexico, US and Chile for commercial purposes.

Q7) Does Canada recognizes multiple citizenship?
A7) since 1977, Canadian government has allowed citizens to obtain multiple or dual citizenship. Resultantly, Canadian citizens will not loose their Canadian citizenship if they retain their former nationality intact. Some other countries including US also recognize multiple citizenships.