Carryon Baggage Size: Tips for First Time Flyers

You don’t like planes and you don’t like air travel! For people who are traveling first time on flight, it’s a freaking experience.

But believe me, it’s no big deal. You go to the airport, you get on the plane, find your seat, buckle up and then you fly – or at least the plane does.

Carryon Baggage

On the flight you get to meet a lot of people. Some of them will test your patience, others will show you patience. There could be kids crying or making a lot of noise – or maybe not.

You could be seated next to a nice old lady or you could be lodged between two opposing poles – one talk’s non-stop while the other ignores you.

You could be served good food. The flight attendants may be “attentive” or you could be dying and they would still ignore you. So you see, flying isn’t something to be nervous about. Flying is an adventure!

For sixteen hours or so, you will be having what could very well turn out to be one of the best times of your life.

Prepping-Up for Flying

Preparing for your flight however, is a totally different ball game. First, there’s the business of booking your flight. Since this is your first time to fly, you may not have a clue as to which airlines are the best ones to fly with.

Search the internet for various airlines that fly to your destination. Check out each of their deals and compare and contrast.

Will you be flying Economy? What size airplane does the airline have? Knowing how many passengers an airline’s Economy class can seat at a time will give you an idea of how crowded this section is going to be.

Check Carryon Baggage Size

Next, check the airline’s regulations regarding carry-on and check-in baggage. You have to be careful about following their guidelines just to make sure that your carry-on does not exceed the weight limit and that everything in it is allowed inside the plane.

Here is a guide to baggage carry on sizes which I found useful when I was traveling in Finnair for the first time. As they have all the details related to different flights and the allowed carryon baggage size/weight you can check here too before flying.

As a first time flyer I personally recommend taking only a hand luggage with you in the plane as this will avoid any hassles you may overcome while traveling. Taking only hand luggage not only add convenience but also can save you good deal of time and money.

Unless you require, buy a correct size bag as allowed by the airlines you choose and pack only few items in your bag.