Charming Hotel in Emilia Romagna

More and more Italian and foreign tourists are attracted each year from Emilia Romagna and its beautiful cities rich in history, tradition, culture, taste, mountain landscapes and even the sea. This region is therefore not only much visited in summer for its beautiful coast but also in the other months of the year because always full of events that really people love.

Art, history, architecture: Emilia Romagna provides all this.


Bologna, for example, is a city of fairs and trade that condenses these aspects in the Basilica of San Petronio, one of the most beautiful churches in Italy that boasts a unique façade: half raw and half covered with marble.

To admire the landscape of the city, in addition, you can climb the 498 steps of the Torre degli Asinelli and the panorama that can be admired from the top is the reward for your efforts.

The Adriatic city of Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that keeps intact the splendor acquired during the Renaissance. A splendor that is expressed in the streets, in the facades of the buildings and in the artistic treasures kept in the Estense Castle, an architectural gem.

In Modena, however, the city of taste and home of tortellini, you can visit the Romanesque cathedral and the Tower of the Ghirlandina.

To spend a holiday to remember in Emilia Romagna is important to organize not only the routes but also their own accommodation. Charming hotel in Emilia Romagna have become very popular in recent times. These are hotels that offer any kind of comfort in a less chaotic environment surrounded by greenery  than the city hotel. In Emilia Romagna, thanks to the charming Hotel, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the best known city without sacrificing the relaxation of a holiday.

Among these hotels we will recommend Villa Roncuzzi, a beautiful charming hotel in the province of Rimini not far from the famous Spa of Castrocaro. Surrounded by a garden of sunflowers, orchards and vineyards, Villa Roncuzzi is an old building carefully restored by which we obtained 22 rooms, all different. Here, among the various modern furnishings are antiques dating back to the 20’s and 30’s.

Outside there is, besides the beautiful garden, a swimming pool to relax with a cocktail or drinking wine. Breakfast, highlight of this charming hotel, is full of handmade products prepared with organic foods.