City Tours Of Washington DC: Helps You Explore The Place Better

There are wide varieties of city tours that are conducted. Through these tours you can learn about the city and its vivid features. Some of the tours that are conducted are as follows:

Segway tours: this tour is a comprehensive tour of Washington DC. At first you are given 30 minutes training session to learn how to handle the Segway scooter. Then you can start your tour. The tours are conducted in the morning and afternoon, the size is limited and there is a guide for every group. In your tour you see the White House, U.S. Capitol Building, the National Museum of Natural History, the Washington Monument, Ford’s Theater, Smithsonian Castle, WWII Memorial, and National Galleries of Art, Vietnam Memorial, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and The National Mall and many more places!

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Bike Tour: there are three different types of bike tours that are conducted

1) The Monuments Bike Tour- the seat on your bike serves as a window seat. It takes about three hours and you can get plenty of time to walk around the monuments and explore them
2) Capital Sites Bike Tour- you can visit the city monuments and learn about the interesting facts behind the important monuments of Washington DC
3) Night Bike Tour -is the best way you can spend your evening listening to the illuminated monuments each of which tell a different story.

Walking tour: this is one of the best ways you can see Washington DC as you can spend more time to visit the monuments. The guides would narrate the stories and give information about the war memorials and historical backgrounds of other monuments; you can even find mp3 which gives you all the information. While you are walking you can even take photographs of different places.

Trolley tour: you just have to board your trolley and just relax. It would take you to different important places of Washington DC. There are two types of trolley tours in 10 days time –

1) it is a fully narrated tour, it takes you through the streets of the city. You can visit the zoo and other important buildings in this tour

2) night time-at this time you can enjoy the lights of the Washington city after the sun set, the city is completely different from the one you can see in the morning. It is also a fully narrated tour and you get to hear stories of different ghosts that haunt the city.

Night tour: it’s absolutely fabulous when you start exploring Washington City at night. The lights make it look glamorous this tour takes you through different major historically important monuments which includes the Washington monuments and Arlington Cemetery and also comprises of complimentary drinks.

Bus tour: this tour takes you to eight different attractive and historical places of Washington City. At each of these places the guide would inform you about the historical value of the place. Sometimes you can take a walk around the monuments and take photographs. It would take around three hours to complete the tour.