Cool Hotels in Amsterdam

With an intriguing history, Europe has become the best tourist destinations in the world today. Amsterdam is a European city which has a culturally vibrant past. It is the place where sophistication meets tradition. This has made Amsterdam, a highly sought after tourist destination in the recent times.images

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city, you would firstly need a place to live in. There are a lot of cool hotels Amsterdam. All of these hotels is different in their own way and has a unique past attached with it too.

Accommodations can be done either over Internet or manually. The prices of these are extremely affordable, so you can have a quality holiday at the best prices. Some of the cool hotels Amsterdam are mentioned below.

Amsterdam hotels redefine luxury and coolness together

CitizenM hotel offers a contemporary ambience to live in. This hotel was recently voted the trendiest hotel in the world. Qbic hotel, which offers ‘Cubi’ rooms to stay, is ultra-trendy indeed. This hotel focuses on the uniqueness of design and efficiency and is a cool hotels Amsterdam.

A-Train hotel is a budget-friendly hotel located near the Amsterdam’s Central railway station. As the name suggests, the theme of this hotel is train; and the floors have train’s tracks running along it.

There are loads of other cool hotels Amsterdam. These include The Dylan, a hotel which was once a theater and later a workhouse- the original flooring is still a part of the hotel, or the Lloyd hotel with its unusually long beds where up to eight people can rest together- offers a 1920’s feel to the trip, or the Inntel Hotel Zaandam, with its unusual design, which represents a toy house is also a cool hotel Amsterdam.

So next time you plan a trip to Europe, make sure you don’t miss Amsterdam, it would give you an experience, you’ll never forget!!

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