Discovering South American Countries

South American is vast continent with diverse range of customs, culture, heritage, people and countries. It is a mass of several different countries with a number of different climatic conditions. South American countries along with relaxing destination offers plethora of activities to all kinds of age group people.

Water sports, wildlife, trekking, scuba diving, snorkelling, beautiful sceneries, and lastly fascinating history and much more is what South American countries makes an unforgettable destination in the world.

Irresistible South American Countries

South American Countries

Paraguay: It is amongst the sleepy, steamy South American countries. It was long overlooked by travellers. Array of cultural activities and other historic and scenic exploration such as Palacia de Lopez, Rivera Square, Jardin Botanico, Paraguay River, Iguazu Falls, The Grand Chaco and much more and because of these fascinating attractions the place has begun to top on many travellers’ itinerary list.

Columbia: It is one of the most amazing countries of South America which is always jam- packed with tourists from all over the world. Columbia in places is spectacular. From fine dining to road side cafeteria and from branded shopping to cheap ones, it has got what you want. It is perfect for entertainment, food, travelling and beyond this. Trek to Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada, San Agustin, Cartagena the old town and Caribbean coast is something not to miss.

Ecuador: Known as La Amazonia, it occupies entire eastern half part of the Amazon. It covers twelve million hectares making it picture-perfect place for the nature exploration. Over 100 animal and plant species covers the ground of this country. Visiting Yasuni National Park and Limoncocha ecological reserve will teach the bio-diversity that holds the rainforests. It is beyond imagination to see colossal Andes, Pacific beaches, Amazon and Galapagos islands at the same place.

Bolivia: Bolivia is no secret when it comes to any traveller’s South American countries itinerary. The place is full of backpackers as it is an inexpensive region with great diversity to offer. Unlike other it has 2 capital cities i.e. La Paz and Sucre. The country is also known as ‘White city’ for its numerous bright down town buildings.

Salt Flats, Potosi and Aliplano are the most visited attractions of this region. The country is known as Tibet of America due to the fact that more than 50% of public practices traditional beliefs and values.

Chile: The world’s lengthiest country, with its long narrow strip pinned between Andes and the Ocean. It is the place of extreme beauty and startling contrasts. Valparaiso and Santiago are the magnificent cities of Chile filling every traveller’s dream. Perfect blend of modernism and culture, it is amazing country with plenty of glaciers, deserts, natural wonders and volcanoes. The place offers plenty of adventurous travel and has good wildlife parks.

South American Countries A Mix Of World

The countries are the combination of the half world. All these countries are rich in bio-diversity, and in culture of its own unique, and mould by traditions, years of transformations and influences of neighbouring countries. The cookery of South American countries reflects as per their culture. Some of them have incorporated their own cuisines, whereas some have imported the recipes from Asia and Europe.

Dance, art and music form an integral part of the life of regional people. The population comprises of original as well as combine races such as Blacks, Whites, Mullatos, Spanish, and Mestizos etc. The South American countries are popular for various reasons ranging from distinctive tourist attractions, attractive in terms of doing business, culture and customs. Each of have its own pros and cons and of course worth visiting.