The Wonders of Ein Bokek

Israel is a spectacular place to visit and there are many thrilling things to see and do while you are in this beautiful country. It is home to many natural wonders and of them, there is none more spectacular and beautiful than the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest water body on the earth and is actually not a sea, but a lake filled with concentrated saline content, with only the Jordan River as a source inlet and no outlet.

Ein Bokek

In the Dead Sea region, there is an incredible boom of tourism as you would guess, and with tourism, you would obviously need hotels and accommodation to take care of all of the visiting tourists.

Ein Bokek is that hotel district – located on the shores of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea hotels Israel Ein Bokek sees a lot of demand all through the year with millions of tourists who come to see the natural wonder that is the Dead Sea.

Ein Bokek contains the main beach of the Dead Sea region in Israel. When you are at Ein Bokek, it is only customary that you get some time in the water and treat yourself to a natural relaxant like the black mud available there or spend some time floating away on the waters of the Dead Sea, which is the only place in the world you can actually do that.

This is possible because of the super salinity of the water. If you are looking to go to Ein Bokek, you can do so throughout the year, because the beach is open all year round.

The weather in and around the area is pretty sunny all year round, due to which it has ideal conditions all year long. To get into the beach, you do not have to pay any charges, as it is free of cost.

The Ein Bokek beach is not a single beach, and it actually consists of two beaches in one, namely the central beach and the south beach. Both the beaches offer pretty much the same facilities and amenities – it is a pleasant experience to visit either.

These beaches are not as crowded as the other beaches in the area, and it makes for a calming experience when you visit this beach.

The facilities that are offered by these beaches include lifeguard services, restrooms, drinking water fountains, beach chairs and sunshades, a snack bar and a skin care spa, which offers natural treatments to rejuvenate your skin.

Ein Bokek also boasts of rich history. You will find the ruins of a Roman Fortress called the Metzad Bokek and the ruins of an ancient medicine and perfume factory.

It Is home to the Bokek Stream, which is a canyon with water springs and a huge diversity of animals and plant life.

If you visit Ein Bokek, you must make sure to visit the hot springs at Zohar, which have a high concentration of sulphur that is extremely beneficial in treating muscle ailments.

From Jerusalem, it is very easy to get to Ein Bokek by using the Highway 1 and then going on to Road 90.