13 Essential Items for Your Next Camping Trip

Camping for most of us is relaxing, fun-filled as well as adventurous. You can however make your trip even more exciting by packing some of the best essential items/gears in your camping bag.

It’s the time when I was traveling with Dean when I realized how important some of these items were. And to make your travel more comfortable and exciting, I thought to list down some of these items.

These items when added to your list will make sure that you do not spoil your vacation and come back with memories that last for a lifetime.

Just make sure that you do not make your backpack heavy and pack it light.

camping gears

13 Essential Camping Gears to Add to Your Packing List

There is a variety of camping gear available these days.

But it all depends on your camping experience level, your campsite, and who is going along with you – to know the items you need to carry for your camping trip.

Below here is a list of essentials and important items or basics which you need for your next camping trip.

1-     Tent

After hiking, trekking, and checking your surroundings for the whole day, wouldn’t you want a comfy and waterproof place to rest in?

Thus, getting a good tent is one of the most important items you need for camping.

2-     Sleeping bag

The next item to appear on your top ten list of essential items is what you will actually rest in.

If you are looking for a good night’s rest, then you should go for something which keeps you warm and doesn’t overheat, keep you cozy but not heavy.

If you camp frequently, then you should own a light sleeping bag and carry it for all your camping holidays. However, if you are a newbie, then do some research and then get a good sleeping bag for yourself!

3-     Lantern, flashlights

When you go camping, then you surely need to have sufficient light for yourself. When you back from camping in eve, then it is important to light your campsite.

There are several reasons why you need a lantern near your camp. Thus, it is very important that you choose the one which suits your purpose well.

Right from reading a book to playing with your mate or eating dinner, little light is very necessary.

4-     Maps and compass

Though you have GPS on your phone and on your car console. But what if your mobile phone doesn’t catch the signal in remote camping locations or you lose your car in the forest.

Thus, carrying navigation essentials is a very important travel gear for all time sustainability and higher reliability.

5-     Travel size humidifier

Humidifiers are invented basically to maintain the humidity or moisture level in the surrounding atmosphere. These are available for homes, offices as well as for travel purposes.

Just in case you are traveling to the arid region, a good portable travel size humidifier is a must-have in your backpack bag. This will save you from all the issues caused due to dry air.

6-     Alternate weather clothing

Surely you may have checked the weather forecasts for the coming days and weeks before packing your clothing.

But, sometimes the weather drops without any previous hint and you may get stuck in rain or snow.

Thus, you should carry an extra set of clothing so you do not have to worry about what you wear during instant weather changes or sudden cold front.

7-     Pocket knife

Often known as the Swiss Army knife, the equipment is very important for camping. It surely takes no space in your bag but serves a number of purposes. Make sure you carry scissors too during your trip.

8-     Shotgun for hunting

If you are passionate about hunting like me, you will love carrying your shotgun with you on your next camping trip. Not only will it help you enjoy hunting but also, it’s good to carry for self-defense.

You may also consider adding your gun cleaning kit (to clean your hunting weapon), especially when it’s a long camping trip of a few weeks or a month.

9-     Cleansing wipes

They are pretty much needed when you do not have sufficient water to clean your hands, face, or other body parts.

The places with no on-site showers enhance the importance of these cleansing wipes and are therefore must-have in your camping gear packing list.

10-Automatic cleaning machine

Hi-tech cleaning machines that work automatically (powered electrically as well as with battery) can prove to be much helpful throughout your camping trip.

Present-day automatic portable cleaners can help you in cleaning various items like dentures, coins, jewelry, razor, gun parts, automotive parts, watches, stove parts, and much more.

11-First aid supplies

You never know when you cut and bruise yourself by rubbing over a rock or scrape your knee via a big boulder.

Thus, carrying first aid supplies will surely be of great help. Apart from it, you should also carry tablets like aspirin and ibuprofen for sudden need.

12-Ear plugs

Maybe you want to separate yourself from the rowdy campers, thus, getting your earplugs and enjoying some quiet time in the scenic beauty will be a great option for you.

13-Camping shoes

Ensure that you carry the right footwear before you make your way to camping. Athlete’s foot isn’t a good site so plan to get the perfect footwear to enjoy your camping to the fullest.

Along with the above essentials, make sure you carry enough food and water along with you so that you can camp efficiently for as long as you want and have a blast without worrying about anything.