Exciting Tips for Newbies in Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most exciting adventures you can have outdoors. However, there are preparations you need to heed to make this a truly pleasant experience.whitewater-rafting-whataroa-nzs-grand-canyon

What is Whitewater Rafting?

Whitewater rafting is about traveling through a rough river while riding a kayak or a raft. There are different whitewater rafting locations all over the world. Since they are natural attractions, you cannot expect the same challenge and intensity from all of them. Each is different, according to how rough the river is.

There are different levels or whitewater rafting courses. There are courses intended for newbies. There are also courses that are advanced and expert extreme for those who have been there, done that. Expert whitewater rafters can easily deal with even the most rugged rivers.

To make you understand what kind of river you should take on for a whitewater rafting adventure, there is a classification that you can use as a guide. Whitewater rafting locations are graded according to an international standard system.

Class I are rivers that offer an easy course. They have very small waves and very little of the “white water”. Class II rivers are suitable for novice whitewater rafters. These are another set of easy courses, which are easy to navigate because they are usually straightforward. Class III rivers require more skill in whitewater rafting. They are suitable for intermediate adventurers that can traverse a more challenging course. Class IV rivers are composed of those with very powerful yet predictable rapids. They are intended only for the highly skilled and advanced rafter. Class V rivers are for extreme adventurers. It can be quite dangerous for a newbie to step up here because it is almost like a suicide.

Why did we enumerate the river classes? That’s because the first and most important tip that will help you enjoy this experience is to choose your location well enough. Choose a location that is suitable to your skills and your strengths. It is very important that you have the ability to read the rivers and that you have an idea how they behave so you can deal with them effectively to keep you safe. Here are the other tips that will make whitewater rafting truly exciting:

Tip #1: Find a good guide. It will help you traverse the rivers without worries if you are aided by a skilled guide who know exactly where to go to avoid tumbling through or experience any kind of accident.

Tip #2: Keep your body well balanced. You have to work your upper and lower body and keep them in sync. You also need to keep yourself relaxed and your hips in line with your shoulders to take better control of the boat.

Tip #3: Gear up. It is important that you are wearing the most suitable gear for the adventure up ahead. You basically need a spray skirt, a helmet, a life jacket, and a wetsuit. If your location is freezing cold, you might want to get on an insulated top for utmost comfort.

Tip #4: Enjoy every moment of adrenalin rush that the rough rapids will give you. It could be a bit chilling for beginners but since you have chosen this adventure, you are expected to have a strong heart for it. This is one great outdoor activity where intensity fuels up your drive to move on and move up the skill level.