How To Enjoy and Relax in Belfast Best?

As our busiest days have gone by, we tend to believe that everything is working well. Try to think about the most detailed concern that you have to confront every single day while facing the mirror.


You can see yourself as you are. It looks perfect but when you look closer, there are things that are in a mess.

Do you notice some minuscule lines all over your face?

If so, then maybe it is time to take a break from all the stress and pack your bags to Belfast.

Arriving in Belfast

Do you think Belfast is out of your reach? This fascinating city in Northern Ireland is the center of government and commerce as well as brimming with rich culture. When going to Belfast, these are some things to remember upon arriving:

Things to Note

  1. You could always have your choice of convenience in coming to Belfast. You can choose to by plane, bus, train and ship.
    2. When bringing a car with you, there are parking lots in which you can pre-book to avoid too much trouble in parking.
    3. Speed limit should only range between 30mph to 70mph.

Belfast Attractions

As the administrative and commercial center in the Northern Ireland, Belfast holds a colorful cultural scene including arts, architecture, music and theatre. It is very easy to go around the city so you enjoy capturing every moment with your camera while touring around. The following are must-see spots featured in this fascinating city:

Neoclassical architecture – You can see a majority of architecture in NeoRomanesque styles. St. Anne’s Cathedral, the Belfast City Hall as well as a several 19th century grand buildings are some of the exquisite architecture marvels that this city has to offer.

Harland and Wolf Shipyards – Remember the “Titanic”? Then it is time for you to see personally the shipyards where the famous shipbuilders of Belfast built the RMS Titanic a century ago.

Historic restaurants and pubs – Going to the oldest part of the city, you can treat yourself to contemporary bars and multi-awarded restaurants. Feel the ambiance of such grand pubs and restaurants and taste their unique preparations.

Belfast Castle – Within the city, you can easily find your way to the historical Belfast Castle. Catch a glimpse of its monarch government and experience what it is like in fairytales.

Taking this sizable leap in escaping your sleepless nights and busy days, Belfast is truly worth spending a relaxing vacation in a beautiful Northern Ireland hotel. Embrace the feeling of relaxation and utmost enjoyment that you deserve and book your vacation in Belfast.