Italy: Experience the Enthralling Charm of the Land

Italy has a dominating presence in the world map by virtue of its glorious past and the glittering contribution of the land towards erecting the modern civilization. The land is dotted with landmarks and monumental evidences that have been milestones in the human history.


Italy has an array of significant places that will delight your senses. Rome, the Italian capital has from time immemorial been the center for politics and religion in the Western Civilization. Roman Empire that destined the future of Europe had its seat of power here. Italy cradled the Maritime republics and the Renaissance that marked the birth of modern scientific spirit.

Italy boasts of a broad and diverse architectural heritage that is underlined by the magnificent and eclectic array of designs spread across the land. The domes, arches and other imposing structures will be a feast for the eyes.  Italy is the home to the popular architectural feeling aptly named Palladianism which has motivated architects into the Neo-classical architecture concepts. In Italy, you will come across the ancient wonders that speak highly of the advanced architectural outlook of the Western geniuses. The artifacts that will hold you spellbound are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedrals of Milan and Florence, the Colosseum, the buildings of Venice and plethora of other attractions.

It is imperative that to digest the entire spectrum of offering Italy serves you on a platter; you should master the wonderful language of Italy. To learn Italian is not an option, but a necessity to fully understand the awe inspiring culture and the glorious past of the land. Italy has an indomitable appeal which cannot be savored without interacting with the natives of the land who have been bequeathed with the rich heritage.

Italy welcomes tourists with open arms. The warmth and affection showered on tourists can be imbibed by being able to reciprocate the same to the natives. To strike a warm relationship with them essentially means acquiring insights and enlightening glimpses into the towering history of the land. One can assimilate the immensity of the Italian culture by taking the step to learn Italian.