Paphos: A Blooming Travel Destination for Your Next Vacation

If you are bored of all the travel destinations as they have the hustle bustle of tourist flocking from all over the world, then it is time to pack your bags for Paphos. This ancient harbour city is located in western Cyprus and is truly a gem in the world of emerging travel destination.

It is very ancient in the sense its history dates back to the Neolithic period. It was once occupied by Romans and later came under the colonized rule of the British. You might be wondering about what to do in Paphos as very little has been heard about this place so far.

Well, when visiting Cyprus and Paphos you should definitely not forget about the best villages to visit in Cyprus. Visiting these in addition to Paphos can be a really enjoying experience for you.


Further when in Paphos, you can enjoy by:

Getting mesmerized by the sun kissed pristine beaches

The city of Paphos has been listed as World heritage site due to its historical importance. However, this is not the end of the story. What to do in Paphos will seem to be a joke for you once you get landed in this city that boasts of some excellent pristine beaches.

Taking a sun bath and relaxing with the family members can be a memorable one if you are in this wonderful city. The view of the blue sea water and the vast horizon may make you awe of the beauty of the Mother Nature. Nowhere in the world can you find such sun kissed beaches.

Visiting the best architectural wonders

If still your mind is haunting with the query like what to do in Paphos, then think again with a history that goes back to thousands of years, there are many things. It has many monuments, museums and villas.

If you have a fondness in studying history then this place may be a heaven for you with many mysteries still under wraps. As it has not yet fully developed as a travel destination, you can find fewer crowds and can have a tranquil holiday.