Why To Plan a Family Vacation to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a land of mysteries engraved in the usual spirit of religion, culture and beautiful landscapes like many other island countries of Asia.

It is located at the bottom of Indian subcontinent, thus have a remarkable impact of Indian culture, language and ethics over it.

Sri LankaThe impact of Buddhism has always been very significant in Sri Lanka since the establishment of this province.

So, to plan a family vacation or a beach vacation to Sri Lanka this season would prove to be a knowledgeable and marvelous experience to you and your family as well.

Sri Lanka is one fascinating destination for all the tourists all around the world. Those who like to seek amusement and try to explore the complexities of a culture and sub cultures within, this place is like heaven.

Its culture is full of mysteries, complexities and is still going great, irrespective of the other social issues prevailing in the country.

The original capital of Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura which was established during the 3rd century which has been replaced by Colombo officially.

Facts about the Country

  1. Colombo is the more popular city known as the country’s capital but is only the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.
  2. Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is actually the legislative capital of Sri Lanka. The very small town of Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is part of Colombo. So technically, the capital is this small town while Colombo is the commercial capital.
  3. Sri Lanka’s population is about 20 million with diverse ethnicity and religion.

The top most reason to Visit Sri Lanka is its blessed with a number of historical sites which have immense historical as well as archaeological importance to the world.

These sites have been included in the UNESCO’s map of world heritage sites, so you can easily understand how remarkable these sites are for the history also.

The golden sands shining in the sunlight, green beeches outlining the coasts, and warm blowing winds all around depict the heaven on earth in the right sense.

And you can experience all that in Sri Lanka. Like any other south Asian country Sri Lanka is rich in culture and vegetation. So after you spend your beach vacation there you will take back home the most memorable and fascinating memories of your lifetime.

You can plan out a week long or a fortnight long vacation to explore the beauty and mysteries of this place, but I am sure those few days won’t be long enough to explore this place even partly.

The beaches of the south and north coast of Sri Lanka are world renowned.

People who like family vacations make it a point to tour such places like Sri Lanka only, where they can easily roam around on the beaches, shop in the local markets and walk down the streets with the whole family including kids also.

Unlike, the famous beach vacation spots like Miami or so, where family vacation is not possible at all, Sri Lanka is apt for an ideal beach vacation as well.

As it owns, long stretch beaches outlining calm waters or the shore, where you and your family can have some good time strolling and swimming till you get enough of it.

The train network in Sri Lanka makes it accessible to all to explore the place.

For the accommodation purpose, there are many resorts, hotels and guesthouses which are situated nearby to the favorite tourist’s spots like Nilaveli, Mount Lavinia, Beruwala, Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa, which enables the tourists to spend more time on their favorite spots during the vacation.