Savouring A Cheap Caribbean Honeymoon

Those who have the money and time can always opt to have their memorable honeymoon in the Caribbean. Although it is a common disposition, having a Caribbean honeymoon, however, is merely the province of those who can afford it—that it, either those who have saved up for years, or those who are flushed with cash.

caribbean honeymoon

But even ordinary folks can still savour a magical weekend in an island like St Lucia. Honeymoons, of course, do not happen every day, and it is understandable that love-struck couples would want only the very best.

So for those who have a romantic Caribbean adventure on their minds, here are some vital reminders so that you won’t have to spend so much.

It’s All a Matter of Booking Early or Booking at the Right Time

The Caribbean’s importance is largely seasonal, like all other vacation spots. This means that the islands (there are thousands of them, mind you, although you will only be interested in the established few) will not be swarming with people every single day of the year.

There are off seasons and peak times, and it’s up to you to get your magic foot in that quickly-closing gap as far as seasons are concerned. What we’re saying is that prices go up and down depending on the month, and you will want to get in while the season’s down.

One primary example is St Lucia: honeymoons orchestrated in the island usually are less expensive in the early part of December or May, and if you want in on that game, you must at least book 12 months or more ahead of schedule. Booking as far ahead as possible gives you the luxury of perspective and choice—you can select deals at your leisure and you can get excellent discounts or amazing deals that will leave your jaws dropped.

Look around and Check out the Various Offerings

It is common for the major Caribbean islands—specifically, their respective resorts or hotels—to offer special deals to couples who are newly married. St Lucia honeymoons can be as easy as simply getting a single “special honeymoon package” carefully planned to make your stay as magical and unforgettable as possible.

In other resorts, honeymoon-related options can be selected like distinct off a menu: chilled sparkling wine, check; a string quartet serenading you during dinner, check; and so on. Also, if the hotel or resort you’re dealing with does not have a distinct honeymoon package on offer, ask them about it—the hotel’s representatives will only be too happy to accommodate your romance-related requests, not to mention the discounts.

Do Not Exceed your Planned Spending

As you may know, there are many things you can do while vacationing in the Caribbean. And for newly married couples on a budget, this can be a great thing as you can freely choose what suits your planned spending. In the bigger islands like St Lucia, honeymoons can be as exquisite as sipping a tall glass of fruit shake while watching the sun go down, or it can be as thrilling as a bouncy ride along the coast.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the bottom line is that you can have fun without having to spend a fortune. So why not check the best brands of backpack available online and get your backpack bag for travel ready with your sweetheart.