Sing 4 Comoros Forests

The Comoro Islands, commonly referred to as Comoros, is a chain of islands off Africa’s southeast coast that is home to many rare species of plants and animals. Between 2000 and 2010, Comoros suffered a huge rate of deforestation that consequently put many native animals in danger. Among them is the now critically-endangered Livingstone’s fruit bat, affectionately known as the Comoro flying fox. This animal is the rarest of all species living in the Comoro Islands, and preserving its forest habitat is crucial to its survival.


That’s where the Sing 4 Comoros Forests Indiegogo campaign comes in. The campaign aims to raise enough funds to create an album that will not only spread awareness about the area’s environmental issues, but increase efforts to save the islands’ water resources and poverty challenges. With increased support from people around the world, Dahari, an NGO started in 2013, hopes to be able to combat the many issues that the Comoro Islands is currently facing.

The Sing 4 Comoros Forests charity album will feature Comorian band Ouvoimoja and other talented folk, mgodro, and reggae artists including Maalesh, Mounawar, DadiPoslim, Costy, Nawal, Goulam, and Cheikh MC. 80% of all money donated to the Indiegogo campaign will go directly towards efforts to reforest the Comoros, 10% will go towards the album’s creation, and the remaining 10% will cover administration costs and site fees.

There are a wide number of donation levels, ranging from $5 to $12,500. Each level of donation comes with its own rewards, such as a guided tour of Comoros, personalized songs, copies of the finished album, and social media shout-outs. Those who believe in the cause but are not able to financially contribute are encouraged to re-tweet the campaign’s updates, post videos and photos in support of Sing 4 Comoros Forests on social media, and organize their own fundraisers.

The campaign’s organizers are confident that with their selection of musical talent, dedication to their cause, and support from people around the globe they will meet their goals and help restore the beautiful forests of the Comoro Islands.