The Many Thrilling Ways to Enjoy Peisey Vallandry

Peisey Vallandry has earned the reputation for its quaint quality—as if you’re going back in time to live in traditional mountain villages in the Alps from way back when. Although staying in any of its luxuriously appointed catered chalets may shake off the sense of nostalgia (what with its modern facilities and excellent creature comforts), local organizers walk the extra mile to give visitors a sense of authenticity: at night, it is common to encounter groups touring the villages by torchlight, taking part in fun activities or dining at restaurants offering local dishes. During the day, there are also so many things you can do aside from plain skiing.

Peisey Vallandry

Exploration from a Bird’s Eye-view

Although discovering every nook and cranny (and slopes) of the resort on your skis is exhilarating enough, especially as you meander around Peisey Vallandry’s many quaint and beautiful catered chalets, you may want to up the ante of exploration by doing so from up in the air. Paragliding is a favourite activity in Peisey Vallandry, and it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of actual skill—you can try your hand in it even if you have never paraglided in your life.

Professional instructions make sure that not only you are absolutely safe, but that you will be enjoying every moment of it. Paragliding runs or flights, as they are called, start from certain altitudes—the higher the altitude, the greater skill required. Consequently, beginners or those who will be trying out the activity for the first time will start in what they call the “baptismal flight”—an easily manageable run that is nevertheless exciting.

Climbing up Solid Waterfalls

A short distance from Peisey Vallandry’s catered chalets, the so-called Nordic ski area is in possession of unique natural features that make it perfect for a one-of-a-kind experience: scaling the heights of waterfalls that have frozen solid. This is so because for many months in a year, the area is unreachable to the sun. Hence, the ten or so waterfalls here are subjected to such constant low temperatures that they freeze solid. The result: a breathtaking sight that can excite the ardent climber and fascinate the casual observer. Even if you don’t actually scale the heights of a frozen waterfall (don’t worry—these falls are not as impossibly huge as the Niagara), merely seeing them should be enough memorable experience for many visitors.

Learning and Loving It

While Peisey Vallandry, at its most basic, is a haven of leisure and luxury with its selection of catered chalets, there is something else that makes the resort a really nice place where the family can stay: its non-skiing attractions. Whether you’re on or off the pistes, there are exciting things you can try: from snowboarding, to snow carving, to snow blading. Hundreds of professional ski instructors call the resort home, which consequently make it a good place to learn a new type of sport. What’s more, there are instructors that specialise in teaching children as young as four about how to ski and how to have a lot of fun in the snow, without compromising safety.