Things to Know Before You Hit the Road with Your Dog

Feeling like traveling and you want to take your entire family with you? And when we say entire family, we mean entire family. Your dog as a respected member of your family deserves a vacation as much as you do, but this might be much more complicated than you think.


There are numerous things that can go wrong and make your long waited vacation a living nightmare. That is why you need to go well prepared and ready for any kind of situation.

Think everything through before you start your adventure, imagine all possible outcomes and figure solutions, so you won’t find yourself standing there and realizing that you have to cancel everything and go back home.

scrawny white dog car

First of all you need to know your dog and be honest to yourself. Is he a well-behaved pup? Is he capable of going anywhere with you? He needs to listen to your commands to the letter. You don’t need him to tap dance, but he needs to respect basic commands to sit, stand still, come back to you, and spit whatever he is chewing on. This last one is a lifesaver if you are visiting some new terrain where you don’t know what is growing and lurking around.

Next thing is to do research on the place you are visiting. Is it a dog-friendly location? Is the climate suitable and can he adapt to it? It is not only about terrain and climate but the place you are staying, too. Call the hotel/motel/house you are planning to stay in and ask them about their pet policy. Many places nowadays are intolerant on this matter and will kick you out in no time if you try to smuggle your dog inside.

Now, if you are traveling abroad, there is a complete new set of complications and paperwork waiting for you. First of all your dog needs a passport to leave the country. For this matter you also need to check on the laws of the country you are travelling to, you never know what kind of pet policies they have. The next thing is transportation. If you are traveling by your personal vehicle, then you decide whether your dog is going to be in a cage or he will be sitting around with you. If you decide to take an airplane, bus or train on the other hand, then the cage is a must, and you will need to reserve him a spot in a room with other pets.

Last but not least is the food supply, especially if you accustomed your pup to dog food exclusively. You can grab all the dog food you’ll need online and have it delivered to your home, while you prepare everything else for your adventure. It is best to take everything you will need for that period of time from home and not worry about it, than to go there and spend most of your time searching for a decent pet store. Don’t forget to bring his toys with you, too, since you don’t want to end up paying extra because your dog mistook some of the hotel’s inventory as a chewing toy.

Take this matter seriously because your dog can suffer if something goes wrong. Not to mention that your long-planned vacation can be completely ruined.