Tips for Every Senior when They Travel Aboard

After reaching a certain age every person should be careful about certain aspects while travelling. For instance, while travelling abroad it becomes essential to take extra care of health and other security options.

This is fundamentally required as travelling abroad is a very common issue now a days. After all who would want to be trouble for others and get into an annoying situation? Age shouldn’t be coming in your way of travelling.


Travel Aboard

Pre-trip health planning

 Planning on your health issues and sorting out security options before you make your trip should be the most important part of your activity. Presence of all pre-existing medical conditions should be checked upon. This is vital if you are having some kind of coronary heart disease, hypertension or other acute medical condition. For obese people or for people who are in post-surgical condition consulting doctors are must. So, knowing your medical conditions is very vital, based on that travel insurance should be taken. There are schemes provided by insurance companies to provide cover on your existing illness, while you travel. In case you are on some kind of medication make sure you carry enough with you to last for an entire travelling period.

Passport and Visa

 Making sure regarding all the documents related to your passport and visa is necessary as it is the most important travel document. Different countries have various passport validity measures. Carrying extra passport size photos in case of losing the original one will be helpful. Provisions regarding visa should be known by contacting the particular countries embassy, as early as possible. Some countries have specific entry and exit rules including vaccination compulsions. Also it should be kept in mind that a tourist visa won’t let you work abroad or even permit you to do voluntary and unpaid services.

Research on the location you are about to visit

 Making a thorough research about the place you are going to visit will be beneficial for you. Try to find out about the culture, language, climate of the place. So, that when you land it might seem even a bit familiar and you can have the people to praise your knowledge about their native place. Also researching on the medical benefits available in the country would be helpful. Economic conditions should also be vested upon. Researches can be done online or if you are a bookworm going to a bookshop and buying a travel guide won’t harm.

Luggage and security options

 Making a note of your pills is important as while being abroad seniors tends to forget to take their medication, which might be adverse to health. Carrying huge luggage abroad is not advisable, only required amount should be taken as there are custom rules in the airport and in case of chances for losing the baggage. Luggage bags with wheels will help you. Also, taking a carry-on bag along with you is a good idea, which will aid you during the flight. A spare glass should be taken if you already are using one.

For security purposes make sure by contacting your bank, if your credit\debit cards will be usable from overseas ATM. Make two photocopies of important documents such as travel insurance policy, passport, visa, tickets, ATM cards, etc. For your safety carry a phone with international number so that you can contact family members in case of any emergency. After landing in your destination don’t go for late night strolls. Also, make sure to carry a dummy wallet containing less cash. Wearing expensive jewellery, clothes should be avoided. These safety measures are to be kept in mind.

Every senior should be keeping the above in mind while travelling abroad; as they are a bit aged they might be considered as easy target for thieves and pickpockets but they can change the concept by applying these tricks and taking clever moves. Underestimating yourself would be the biggest disadvantage you can bring upon yourself. So don’t let happen to you. A trip abroad whether it is for work purpose or visiting family should be beautiful memory, being a bit of careful will just enhance the experience.