Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

Washington DC – the capital of The United States of America is rich in its history and traditions. The city, founded in the year 1791, is named after George Washington. The importance of the places and the monuments makes the tour around the city worthwhile.

Visiting different destinations of the world has always remained a fun filled and pleasurable experience. If you are looking for an American holidaying experience, then visit Washington D.C to experience the real beauty of USA.

Washington D.C is a beautiful, scenic place of USA offering wide range of varieties for all age group people. Whether you are looking for the place that has lot of adventure to experience, or just a place where you can relax and rejuvenate Washington D.C. has got everything for everybody.

Washington DC

If you are planning your trip to Washington D.C then perhaps you would like to do bit of research. Internet is the best place to get know more about its sight-seeing places and upon surfing you will find there are many top attractions in Washington D.C. So, let’s pen down few of them which should not to be missed.

White House: Obviously, you don’t want to miss to see this official residence of President of United State Of America. Visiting this place, you will learn a lot about the first family’s home, architecture about the building and info on former residents.

The Pentagon: The department of defence, here you will learn everything about the military history of USA and information on all the branches of its services working under it.

Arlington’s Cemetery: It is the cemetery where President John F. Kennedy grave is located. Besides, this is the cemetery that serves a resting place for the American soldiers.

Library of Congress: It is said to be the largest library in the world that has age old exquisite artefacts, photographs, maps, videos, books and lot more.

Lincoln Memorial: This place is tribute to16th USA president. It has got President Lincoln second inaugural augural engraved on the wall.

National Air & Space Museum: It is the popular museum across the globe with a collection over thousands of space and aviation related artefacts like Apollo 11 command module.

National Mall: It is a huge, green strip connecting Washington monument and US capitol. Majority of the Federal institutions and museums are located around this mall.

Apart from the above top attractions in Washington D.C, there is lot more such as Chesapeake Ohio Canal, American Art Museum, Kennedy Centre, National Zoological Park, Korean War Veterans Memorial and list goes on. On fun side, there are water parks, aquatic centres and Moses lakes. You as a tourist will find all these places fascinating as each one of it has its own uniqueness.