6 Tips to Travel Risk-Free During the Winters

The polar vortex continues with its rage and keeps pounding on people who are on the move.

The guide to safe travel during these hazardous climes is here, but then, it is your patience and accurate planning that’ll make all the difference.

travel safely in winter

Ways to travel with ease during the winters

Following travel tips would help you to travel safely as well as comfortably when the weather is severely harsh such as this:

1- Act promptly –

When faced with challenging weather such as this, then you should rebook your travel itinerary as soon as possible.

Many passengers lap up whatever seats that are available, while you spend your time mulling over a fresh list of the itinerary.

Make sure your airline has got your contact details like e-mail address and phone number, just in case they want to inform you about any kind of offer or discount they’re running.

However, if you didn’t provide this information to the airliner while buying the ticket from them, then you must go online and register your contact details on their website at the earliest.

2- Rebook your ticket for free –

In response to the current state of affairs, airlines have started to offer winter weather waivers for the past week or so.

So, like most of the passengers you too could make at least one change in your travel itineraries, provided you are traveling to, from, or through the disaster-affected zones.

This you may do without paying a dime to your airliner. Some of the airliners that are providing this waiver are US Airways, Delta, American, JetBlue, and Southwest/AirTran.

They’ve posted their respective weather policies on their official web-portal.

3- Start multitasking, if you get stranded –

Whenever you’re stranded, then your best course of action would be to get online, use your phone and stand in the ticketing queue, particularly if you’re already present at the airport.

Remember that thousands of flights have been canceled and a similar number of them have got delayed ever since the polar vortex struck the eastern shores.

So, the competition will be tough stiff for seats as soon as the airlines resume their normal operations.

In this case, you may download the Twitter app of your airliner on your phone and keep in touch with them.

However, if you’re an elite flier, then you should take advantage of your airliner’s loyalty program and perch yourself straight to their frequent flyer’s lounge in order to enjoy better access to high-end facilities as well as communicate your needs well with the airline’s representatives.

4- Keep a tab on your airline’s social media channels –

A lot of airlines and airports ensure that they send each and every news as fast as possible to their Twitter handle, so it is a great tool to find out what’s happening in that particular arena in real-time.

Hence, you should start following them on Twitter now. Or else, you may even sign-up for their free e-mail alerts or newsletters to keep yourself abreast with all the latest updates via your smartphone.

5- Stay current with your flight updates –

You must be of the view that there is no need for you to stay current with the local weather updates as well as of the destination you’re traveling to, but then you must think again.

The fact is that airline operations depend on networks and so, any atmospheric disturbance like a storm seriously affects not only the flight schedule of its closest locations but also of the ones situated at far-off places that did not receive any wrath of nature’s fury.

Therefore, it is better to verify your aircraft’s route on your airline’s website or you may use their mobile app for the same.

6- Never act like a jerk –

Always keep in mind that it is the airline’s representatives who did not make the snowfall happen. It has been reported several times by the airline officials that for them it is a lot easier to get a suitable flight for a cordial passenger than it is for an overtly rude one.

Lastly, use your discretion and let some common sense prevail by not driving into the eye of a storm. It’s quite unpredictable out there.

Keep track of your regional as well as local weather forecasts, and don’t drive, if you don’t need to. Make sure your car’s tire pressure is within permissible limit and check out if your car’s batteries, antifreeze, cooling systems, etc are working fine.

Moreover, keep your gas tank completely filled-up so that you can run your car’s engine for heat in case of emergencies.

As additional travel tips, make sure you have a bag of sand, a shovel, ice scraper, a snowbrush, a spare tire, jumper cables, windshield wiper fluid, car charger, a cell phone, and gloves, blankets, hats, food, and water as well as some essential medication with you.