Activities That Make Your Trip to Seminyak More Special

If you are thinking about going to Bali for your next holiday, you are not alone. The island attracts more international travellers than ever thanks to its diverse holiday activities; there is always something to do in Bali for everyone. Different areas on the island offer different holiday experiences too.

Seminyak is one of the most visited neighbourhoods in Bali for all the right reasons. The area is filled with great hotels and villas, incredible shops and designer stores, and some of the most beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored. To make your trip to Bali that much more special, here are the activities you definitely need to try.

Horse Riding to Canggu

Seminyak beaches are very easy and fun to explore. The white sand beaches are as beautiful as the ones you can find in Karangasem and other parts of the island. Seminyak is also less crowded than Kuta, so you will be able to take in the beauty of its landscape while relaxing by the beach.

From Seminyak, you can take a horse and enjoy riding all the way to Canggu. This is an activity that is best enjoyed near dusk. Time your horse ride correctly, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Bali in all its orange glory.

Fine Art Galleries

Seminyak is home to many great retailers and shops, including designer outlets and high-end stores. Of course, shopping isn’t the only thing you can do while exploring this neighbourhood. You can sample Bali’s lively art scene by going to several art galleries in the area.

The Purpa Fine Art Gallery is perhaps the most popular one among travellers. Nyaman Gallery is relatively new, but it is also filled with beautiful works of art from local and international artists alike. A day of taking in gorgeous art is as good as any day in Seminyak.

A Culinary Adventure

When it comes to relaxing by the beach while waiting for the sun to set, most international travellers will instantly think of Potato Head Beach Club, a famous venue that offers all-day poolside cuisines and cocktails.

Of course, Potato Head isn’t for everyone. If you would rather have a truly remarkable culinary adventure, there are other venues to visit. The Seminyak café at Hotel Indigo Bali is a prime destination to visit if you want to try local and international cuisine at its best.

Party at Double Six

You can’t visit Seminyak without sampling its vibrant nightlife. There are so many venues to explore and the best parties to attend any time you visit Seminyak. The parties at Double Six Beach, however, are special.

Double Six Beach is a stretch of beautiful beach where the trendiest bars and cafes are located. Every night, these venues turn into big parties right next to each other. There is nothing quite like hopping from one party to another in Seminyak.

There are still so many other things to do if you want to make your visit to Bali memorable. The island also offers great hiking trails, incredible surfing scenes, and some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Following the tips we have covered in this article and exploring Seminyak are definitely how you want to start your adventure in Bali.