Watersports You Should Try On Your Vacation

So, do you have the desire to feel excited? Does your heart starts racing, and your adrenaline increasing while having a good time?

If you are, by any chance water-dweller as I am, then these recommendations are for you.

On your next vacation, try some or all of these sports, in order to make remarkable memories to cherish later.

You know how they say, that it is better to spend your money on experiences, rather than on things. In this way, your life will be fulfilled and rich.


One of the most famous water sports, surfing is represented throughout the world. All you need is a surfing board, good waves, and a bit of balance.

Don’t worry, if you are not that skilled, you will learn the hang of it pretty soon. Just sliding under the waves, it is an amazing feeling!


In case that there are no good waves to be found, or you would simply want to go to best kitesurfing locations in asia, you will definitely want to try this kind of sport.

By being pulled by kite, you can perform some quite crazy turns. The only condition here is the wind, for something must propel the kite.


Being pulled at speed of some 15-20 kilometers per hour, with only two slim boards between you and water, is something really great to live upon.

In case you find yourself on a lake, or a water park, there is an option to be towed by system of cables, instead of a standard boat.

If you are feeling particularly wild, there is a version of the sport where you don’t use skis, but yourbare feet!


This kind of sport has been present at the beaches for some twenty years, and its popularity is increasing rapidly.

It differences from water-skiing only by using single, broad board, similar to one used in snowboarding.

Crucial thing is to have a boat that is professionally built and maintained, so the trail which is left won’t get in your way. Performing turns, grabs and flips at blazing speed will make you feel alive and excited.


Very similar to surfing, this particular type of sport is a bit slower, designed for visual enjoyment, rather than excitement-based ones.

You will need a board with attached sail on it, and the power of the wind is used to make you go forward.

Of course, there are people who like to push things a bit, so they will perform high jumps and stunts even with this sluggish equipment.

General word of advice

With this matter, safety is your primary concern. Don’t be delusional that water will ease-up the possible fall, for at higher speed; it will be the same as you fell on concrete.

In addition, if you are not well prepared health issues such as strains, cramps and even fractures are possible, so have that in mind.

Also, always wear helmet, and double check your equipment, and if the weather conditions are not ideal, think twice before you risk it.