Bangkok: Awesome for Hen Parties, Weddings, and Honeymoons

Known for being a center of trade, religion, and culture, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is one of the world’s most visited cities. That’s why, for three consecutive years, the Travel + Leisure magazine hails Bangkok as the World’s Best City. Tourists truly have a lot of reasons to spend a holiday in this city.

Bangkok Parties

In addition to being a prime tourist destination, this city is also an awesome location for hen parties weddings, and honeymoons. Here are some of the reasons why.

Khaosan Road

Traveling can get quite expensive, but traveling to Bangkok need not be expensive because of Khaosan Road. This street is dubbed as “backpacker ghetto” since it is the favorite of a lot of backpackers for its affordable accommodations.

In addition to cheap accommodations, there are a good number of shops in Khaosan that sell affordable items and souvenirs. Pubs and bars in the area are ideal places to meet and share stories with other backpackers.

Of course, for those that wish for something better than three-star accommodations, there are a lot of other hotels in Bangkok. Just check with your Thailand luxury tours operator who can help you out in all possible ways to get the best accommodation your desire for.

The Nightlife and Patpong

Those that choose to spend their last night of freedom in Bangkok will not be disappointed with the city’s nightlife scene. There are a good number of massage parlours, hourly hotels, pubs, bars, and clubs in the city. Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, can have a great time in this city. Those are some reasons why this city is one of the ultimate places to party.

If the US has Las Vegas and the Netherlands has Amsterdam, Thailand has Bangkok which is also called the Sin City of Asia. Patpong is just one out of many red light districts in the city. Those that are in for a wild night out will definitely find what they seek in this city.

Exotic Venues

Couples that choose to get married in this country have a good number of exotic venues to choose from. Thailand is known for its major Buddhist temples, royal palace, and other buildings that are characterized by Thai architecture.

There are a lot of potential wedding venues in this city. From Bangkok, one can even arrange for transportation to go to Thailand’s best beached. Though the best beaches in Thailand are not necessarily in Bangkok, tourists can fly directly to the city and then move on to the country’s best beaches.

Thailand’s beaches are also perfect locations for beach weddings. Afterwards, the couple can also choose to spend their honeymoon exploring and enjoying everything else that the country has to offer. Bangkok may not be the most romantic place, but there are a lot of other places in Thailand that are perfect for honeymoons.

Thailand truly has a lot to offer its tourists from a unique big city experience to its tranquil beaches. Still, no matter where one plans to go in Thailand, Bangkok still serves as the gateway for all tourists. So, stay for a day or more in Bangkok. Then, move on to other destinations in Thailand for that unforgettable hen party, honeymoon, or wedding.